Winter Refit Progress

Dooey the Doosan in situ

Happy new year! We hope you’ve started 2017 feeling rested and looking forward to what it’ll bring. Here’s a little update about what we’ve been up to…

In the most part winter has been unseasonably warm in our little corner of the world, which has made for quite a productive December. Eda has had 5 coats of vanish already, which didn’t happen until the end of January last year, so it feels nice to be a bit ahead of the game in that area! She will just need one final lick once the cover is off again in the spring. The engine room however, is where the real action has been taking place. Dooey the Doosan is sitting on his new engine beds, and was fired up for the first time just before Christmas. He has had a whole new exhaust system made for him (a James special) as well as new cladding in the engine room to keep his racket down. The new generator’s support bracket is taking shape, and time will tell what we will do with all the extra room that the smaler engine and generator have created… Extra locker space in the crew cabin? Or a magnificent new spanner rack…?

Lots and lots of varnish!

Other bits and bobs that have been done include: Repainting food lockers, deflating and servicing the dinghy, varnishing the saloon table, regrouting the heads and replacing their mirrors, making a new switchboard panel to accommodate the Doosan’s differently shaped instrument panel, servicing life jackets and fire extinguishers, replacing the nosing on companionway steps, and even getting new artwork for the saloon… phew.

It’s nice to hit the new year rolling!