Winter jobs: Farewell Kelvin

Giving the hole in the deck a good dose of looking at

We are well stuck into the busiest time of the year! Eda’s winter cover is now on, keeping her innards and us fairly dry, and we are working our way through her winter jobs list. Whilst Chloe is varnishing anything that gets in her way, James has been tackling a bit of a biggun; replacing Eda’s engine…

After painstakingly pulling out the deck fastenings above the engine room to remove enough deck for him, Kelvin was hoiked out with a crane, making room for the new engine: Dooey the Doosan. Dooey is made by Daewoo and is the go-to replacement engine for fishing vessels of a similar size to Eda, so we will be in safe hands. Dooey is also a rather groovy mint green in colour.

James persuading Kelvin out

Its hard to do old Kelvin justice when explaining how dependable he has been. His distinctive rumble and unfailing reliability has been a reassurance to countless skippers on Eda and he has always roused a boyish grin to anyone that’s paid him a visit in his snug room. 20 years of fishing and 20 years of chartering later, and although still running like trooper, there’s a reason Kelvin R6s are now found mostly in fisheries museums and not in working boats.

Its hard not to be a tad sentimental about these things but Kelvin really has been brilliant and will be remembered very fondly. In a happy twist, in his retirement from Eda he has found a new home in another Danish fishing vessel/live aboard conversion, which we think is quite a lovely thing.

Long live kelvin!

Dooey getting to know Gabe and Eda after being craned into place