Thinking about Coronovirus? So are we.

Coronavirus and it’s implications have been a hot topic of conversation around our saloon table. Chloe, Ruth and I have, over several pots of tea, put together information we think might be of use to you in relation to sailing on Eda Frandsen this summer. Based on the most up to date information there is available, here’s where we are:
There are no travel restrictions in place to or within Cornwall and Scotland. It’s our intention to continue as planned and welcome you aboard to enjoy this summer of sailing, until, if such an occasion arises, we are unable to do so. Something along the lines of ‘keep calm and carry on’ if you’ll forgive another deployment of that old phrase. 

On a practical note:

  •  It’s in no one’s interest for us to run unsafe trips. In the event that we are unable to set sail with you as planned, we’ll be in touch to give you as much warning as possible. (Our voyage Ts and Cs are here)
  • Common sense things like monitoring the health of everyone on board and following thorough cleaning procedures (extensive deep cleans after each trip and hand sanitisers below deck) will continue to be standard practice.
  • The three of us, along with our partners Classic Sailing, and Wilderness Scotland, will be in regular discussion regarding all of this over the following weeks, and will revisit where we are, and what our advice to you is, if and when needed.

Please pop back in here for updates on this rather rapidly changing subject.