Next year’s Jams and Chutneys in the making!

Oh how we love food on Eda! One of our not so secret weapons in the galley department is the jams, chutneys, and marmalade made by James’ Mum, Ruth. This stuff is really very good. Put-a-smile-on-your-face-at-breakfast-time good. Eat-straight-from-the-jar-with-a-spoon kind of good!

Not only does she make, jar, and label two enormous boxes of these goodies for us each year, Ruth is a sort of green fingered allotment wizard, who grows an unbelievably large amount of fruit and veg from her own double plot, with which to make it all from!

As we speak she is in the process of tending to, harvesting and freezing strawberries, redcurrants, raspberries, blueberries, squashes, courgettes, gooseberries, blackcurrants, and beetroots by the bucketful (to name just a few), ready for her annual winter mammoth jam and chutney making session, not to mention an additional couple of hundred jars of marmalade!

Here are some lovely photos of all of this going on, taken by friends of ours who visited Ruth, and couldn’t resist getting their hands grubby in the allotment while they were there! (Thank you Lee and Vicky! An extra and gigantic thank you, of course, to Ruth herself for doing all of this!

Blossoms in the sun
The most beautifully organised allotment!
Jam in the making….