What to Bring

It’s not unusual to have on thermals, sunglasses and suncream all at once when sailing; even on a sunny day it’s often cooler than you might expect when out on the water. A sailor’s bag always contains a curious mix of kit!
As on all boats, storage space comes at a premium on Eda. Please pack as lightly as you can, and use a soft bag, rucksack or holdall, that can be rolled up and stored away when not in use. Hard luggage cases or rucksacks and bags with rigid supports in them are unsuitable. We recommend bringing the following, and little else if you can manage:

• Wellington boots. Eda’s deck is low to the water and often awash with sea water when we’re sailing. Without wellies you will get wet feet!
• Walking boots for exploring ashore
• Comfy shoes for on board, we aren’t fussy about marks on the deck so something like trainers are a good option.
• T-shirts
• A couple of pairs of jeans or trousers
• A set of thermals
• Two good warm layers, such as fleeces, insulated jackets or thick woollen jumpers.
• Woolly hat and a pair of gloves
• A Buff or fleecy neck warmer
• Socks and pants
• A set of pyjamas
• One towel
• Toiletries bag
• Suncream
• Sunglasses
• Camera
• A good book
• A water bottle to refill and use throughout the trip
• Lightweight walking waterproofs if you want them for time ashore.
• Likewise, a small rucksack or bag for going ashore
• Travel insurance/passports/travel tickets (as required)

Optional Extras
• Swimming cossie
• A sunhat and shorts (keep an eye on the weather and make your call just before you travel)
• Sailing gloves for rope handling
• Seasickness tablets
• Sailing log book

• Sailing waterproofs if you’d like. We do provide these however, so if you haven’t got any, suspect yours to be leaky, or just don’t want to cart a set around with you, make use of ours.
• A musical instrument if you play!
• Something to drink: we have a bar with wine, beer, gin and whisky on board, but do feel free to bring your own.

Things We Provide That You Don’t Need to Bring
• Impenetrable, keep-dry-in-anything waterproofs
• Lifejackets, harnesses, and all other safety equipment
• First aid equipment
• Bedding, bed linen and blankets
• Insect repellent
• Ginger tea, ginger biscuits and Quells tablets for unsettled stomachs
• Earplugs (just in case!)
• Torches
• OS maps

A Few Last Useful Things to Know

Eda has a 240V electricity supply on board which is on 24/7 and suitable for charging cameras and phones, but please don’t bring hairdryers or other heavy-draw electronic equipment.

There is a heated towel rail in the saloon which runs when the engine is on, and the engine room doubles up as a drying room at the end of each day.

Bring cash to pay for the bar at the end of the trip, if using. Everything is charged at £3 (a glass of wine, a beer, a whisky etc) and is tallied up throughout the week in an honesty book.