Food and Drink

Food is not just considered important, but is downright celebrated on Eda. Our tiny galley is always a hive of activity, filling the boat with tempting smells throughout the voyage. You can expect three freshly prepared meals a day, made using as much local produce as possible, as well as home baked breads, cakes and other sweet treats.

Wild venison, local cheeses, home made jams and chutneys, and Mallaig smoked fish are regular fixtures. Sharing platters passed around our oil lamp-lit saloon table, lunches of big colourful salads and savoury tarts, or warming soups accompanied by freshly made bread are customary, the kettle is always on, and cake o’clock is a daily rite!

We are spoilt by the abundance of top notch seafood that Scotland has to offer; from the freshest scallops and mounds of Mallaig langostines to crabs and Lobsters caught in our own creels. Likewise, in Cornwall we enjoy cream teas in the sun, pasties hot out the oven, and picnics ashore.

We also carry a selection of beers, wines and whisky on board which are available to purchase, but by all means bring your own.




freshly baked breakfast pastries
Freshly baked breakfast pastries
freshly baked bread for part of lunch on deck
Home made bread for part of lunch on deck
Pasties in the sun