From Cornwall to Scotland

Beautiful sunsets at sea

Yesterday morning we completed this year’s epic, country spanning voyage from Cornwall to Mallaig, Scotland’s west coast where Eda and her crew will call home for the rest of the summer, and what a voyage it was too!

Falmouth waved us goodbye with a drenching of sun, and friends boats accompanied us out of the bay with wishes of good summers passed to and fro over the water. The forecast looked set to help us up the Irish Sea rather nicely, something we took advantage of by getting a good chunk of the 600ish mile passage under our belt straight away by rounding Land’s end and ploughing straight on towards the Irish coast. Although the day turned into a beautifully sunset lit evening, there wan’t a breath of wind so Dooey the Doosan was put to work overnight.  Remarkably, over the next 40 hours, we enjoyed a broad reach and sunshine (albeit with very cold nightwatches) for just about all the way to Dublin! On arrival we all enjoyed a well earned big dinner around the saloon table to counter the previous two days of on-the-hoof meals from bowls, and a lazy breakfast involving smoked salmon and bottomless pots of tea and coffee the next morning. Later that day our Dublin experience was completed with an explore of the City and a Guinness!

Joe at the Helm

Next on our whistle stop tour of Ireland, we headed up the coast to Strangford, Britain’s largest inland salt water loch, doing a record 11 knots through the narrows on the way in I might add, for a leg stretch ashore before the hop across the to Scotland (!)

Waking up in an anchorage between Isla and Dura was just gorgeous – milpond calm water, a godlen sunrise over the hills, and such birdsong!

Onwards we sailed, to Oronsay, which we can count as our very first new anchorage of the year, having never stopped there before… and what a spot it was! White sandy beaches galore, birds, rolling grassy slopes, and beautiful quartz studded rock formations. Definitely one to add to the ‘id go there again’ list!

Night watch perfection!

Tobermory was at its lively best when we stopped in- The harbour was sundrenched, the pint ashore was deliciously cold, and the live music in the Mishnish was excellent as usual! A final stop on our last night infront of Inverie, in Loch Nevis, really made us feel like we were home, after what can only be described as possibly the best trip north weather we’ve had so far. Endless thanks to the excellent bunch we had on board that made our 600 mile voyage as hillariously entertaining as is ever could be!

Passing Ardnamurchan point and seeing our summer sailing grounds opening up infront of us is always a bit of a poignant time of the year for all of us on Eda, and this year’s was no exception- all the anchorages waiting to be explored again- old favourites and gems yet to be discovered… The fishing and crab potting to be had… the dinners on deck… the wild weather and the sublime weather… the ravishing beauty of the west coast! Bring on summer number six!