Eda’s Easter

Well this is how our Easter weekend shaped up- antifouling done and dusted for another year hurrah! It turns out that when four friends pitch in, it all happens in record time- who knew!?

Thank you Ruth, Laura, Lee and Vicky!

We left our pontoon berth at Freeman’s Wharf Boatyard at 5am, when the tide was perfect for us to squeeze onto the slip, lean against the wall, have a lavish breakfast using the newly restocked galley, wait for the tide to go out, and get to work.

Following a hefty pressure washing session, we waited for Eda’s hull to be dry enough to attack with rollers and paintbrushes of antifoul. Two coats, and numerous rounds of tea and coffee later, we had a boat primed and ready for a weedless (ish!) season of sailing.

Eda is now on a mooring in Falmouth, ready for our first guests of the season to arrive on Friday!