Eda Frandsen’s A to Z of 2017

Happy nearly new year everyone! Here’s a little roundup of some of our memorable bits of the year, and here’s to many more to follow! Thank you again for everyone’s interest and support in 2017, we look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones in the new year!


A is for Another year down!


B is for Blimey its nearly 2018!


C is for Crabs

And lobsters, scallops langoustines and fish. This has been a bumper year for fresh seafood, both from local fishing boats, and caught by our own fair hands!


D is for Dooey the Doosan

Eda’s new little engine has purred way without complaint all summer, and definitely proved himself to be up to the job. The ensign has stayed ruby red and she now turns on a tuppence, result!


E is for Eda’s new paint job

The ‘chodo green’ that is Eda’s signature piant colour arrived an ever so slightly brighter shade than usual at refit time, causing her to look rather jolly in our opinion. It might be a keeper!


F is for Fish smoking

The small stovetop smoker we squirreled aboard this summer turned out to be a surprise hit! Hot smoked mackerel with a squeeze of lemon has turned into our favourite go to when we have a glut of them


G is for Gillatt family takeover

It’s not often that we take Eda for jolly with friends and family, but we made up for it in style at the End of September, when a whole cohort of Chloe’s family, and friends on their boats got together in the Helford for a sail and a pint. Hilarious and satisfying in the extreme.


H is for Hurricane lamp.

My personal new favourite thing to have had on board this year- there is nothing like sitting under the warm glow of a flame on deck after dinner. Just gorgeous.


I is for Islands

Cornish, Welsh and Scottish, islands are life for eda. From the tiny ones sprinkled all over the highlands and Hebrides, to the Mountanous beauties like Skye and Rum, (which could fit the whole of the isles of scillies) there is truly nothing like sailing these British Isles.


J is for James

James Rory Mackenzie has been at the helm of Eda for 5 years now. He took over the big green gal in 2012, the year of the London Olympics, which simultaneously feels like  million years ago, and also yesterday.!


K is for Killer sunsets

Breathtaking, jawdropping, awe- inspiring, magnificent. Take your pick- we just about ran out of superlatives for them this summer! We definitely spent a healthy amount of time on deck after dinner,  Tot of something warming in hand, blanket across the knees, watching the sun dip behind the horizon. Bliss.


L is for Lemvig.

We came across rather a lot of Eda history that was new to us this year: albums and articles of her rebuild, and newspaper clippings, fishing records  and photographs of her working in and around her old fishing home port of Lemvig. We are in the process of organising these completely fascinating bits and bobs into one place, so stay tuned for a peek in the new year!


M is for Minky whale

Experiencing a Minke whale playfully barrel rolling under the bow was truly one to tell the grandkids. Extra thanks to our American guests for elevating the whole thing with some excellent whooping and hollering!


N is for New mainsail

And what a mainsail it is! Those talented folks at SKB made it for us over the summer so that we could try it out during the last sail before derig. We are looking forward to taking it for its first spin up the Irish sea at easter time!


O is for Outdoor activities

We have had hill runners, marathon joggers, yogis, swimmers, ramblers, hikers and explorers a plenty this year, which has been an actual delight to have on board.


P is for: Puffins

No explanation necessary, just a joy.


Q is for: Quite the Skye Bridge passing!

The first time we sailed under it and down the sound, North to South, in one hit. Rather Exciting

R is for: Regularly spotted: Sea eagles. Our little bit of reassurance that population numbers are making an upturn.


S is for Singing

Not just limited to shanties. A rousing tune to warm the cockles on passage, some Pogues classics accompanied by guitar on the aft deck, and having a tear brought to the eye by some just spectacular singing around the saloon table by lamp light all spring to mind.


T is To the future!

Eda frandsen officially joined the 21st Century this year, by getting on board the Instagram train. Give us a search if you’re on there too won’t you


U is for Underlayers

A quiet moment of appreciation for thermal layers, long johns and merino wool buffs. Where would we be without you on night sails.


V is for A very delicious pint of Turks at the Turks Head, St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly

A sure sign that weve nearly made it home to Cornwall at the end of the season!


W is for Wedding!

Eda hosted her first wedding on the foredeck! The  dress was Silk, tartan, embroidered splendidness, and the happy couple have become firm friends of ours. It was truly lovely.


X is for Xcellently tenuous acronyms.


Y is for Yearly roundups, reflections and plans for the next year.

An ideal thing to do during this curious gap between Christmas and New years


Z is for Zzzz

What we’ve all been catching up on post-season