Coronovirus Update

We were hoping against hope to not have to, but I’m afraid to say we’re cancelling all voyages up to the 16th of May. The current government advice to ‘avoid all unnecessary travel’ and the ambiguous recommendations about restaurants and pubs throws our sailing plans into a grey area at best. We cannot, in all good conscience, plough ahead and ask our guests to make their way to us to get on board.

Obfuscation isn’t our bag and, with the amount of uncertainty we’re all facing, it just isn’t helpful here either. So, here’s where we are with regards to the next eight weeks:All of you who are booked onto voyages affected will have received an email today, detailing reimbursement and further advice.

For voyages following eight weeks from now (the 16th of May onward): We’re hoping to stick to our schedule as best we can, but expecting to do plenty of re-assessing and adjusting. We will get in touch with those who are booked on to these later voyages eight weeks before their trip starts to talk options through.

We’ll go about the decision making with the help of email exchanges with all of you that are booked on this season, as well as keeping an ear to government advice and maintaining constant chit-chat with the other boat operators we’re lucky enough to be in good communication with. We will do the best with what we’ve got and will, of course, keep in touch with plans as they evolve.

What a uniquely strange and difficult time we are living through. It’s a situation that demands community spirit, empathy and togetherness. Check on neighbours, ring those that’d appreciate a phone call, support your local businesses in any way you can, and keep safe and sane along the way.

Best wishes from all of us

James, Chloe, Ruth and Caitlin