About Us

James, Skipper and Owner

Eda became James’ in 2012. He learnt the ropes of gaff rigged boats while working for 6 years at Trinity Sailing, as mate and then skipper of Their Brixham trawlers ‘Provident’ and ‘Leader’ Most recently before Eda, he was full time skipper of pilot cutter Eve of St Mawes.  With 5 Atlantic crossings, including one singlehanded, and numerous offshore races under his belt, James has  a wealth of experience to put to good use onboard.

An experienced carpenter and furniture maker with a love of fixing, fettling and generally getting his hands dirty, James is as at home undertaking Eda’s yearly maintenance and refit as he is sailing Eda to her fullest in those spectacular sailing grounds. His intimate knowledge of the Scottish coastline is extensive, and his enthusiasm for showing the best of our wild and beautiful coastlines to new guests as well as discovering new gems is infectious.

Chloe, the Cook

Chloe first fell in love with sailing and cooking on Eda back in 2013, and has been an almost constant fixture ever since. From the tiniest galley she is known for producing cockle warming feasts, freshly baked bread, treats for cake o’clock, and steaming mugs of tea to remedy any weather. The smells that waft through the galley hatch are known to distract even the keenest deck crew from pulling ropes.

Her experience includes managing a cafe in the Isles of Scilly, private cheffing, restaurant work, and Superyacht cooking. She is a competent sailor, has an utter love of our Scottish sailing grounds, and is happiest when feeding people, all making her a fairly useful member of Eda’s crew

Gabriel, the Mate.

2018 will be Gabe’s third season aboard Eda. He has sailed dinghies from a young age and found his way into the world of traditional sail through sailing and refitting as a volunteer on vessels such at Provident, Leader, and Huff of Arklow. After completing an Education Studies degree, he realised fairly quickly that his chosen profession of teaching was in fact not for him, so happily returned to sailing. He was selected for the Lottery funded ‘Shipshape Training Program’; a 1 year apprenticeship that saw him serving as Trainee on various boats, including 80ft Lowestoft Smack ‘Excelsior’ and the German square rigger ‘Eye of the Wind’.

He is already very much in love with Cornwall and the Scottish coast and cannot wait to get back to exploring the west coast this season, after a Cornish winter full of climbing, surfing, sailing and refitting his Rival 32.

Ruth, Emails, Bookings and General Organising

For three years Ruth has been the invaluable land based member of crew that keeps Eda running smoothly behind the scenes. It will probably be her on the other end of your emails, and it is also her that keeps our voyage calendar, website and us up to date with news and other goings on from ashore.

Not only does she occupy the title of ‘most organised person we know’, she is a keen sailor herself, having spent a year crewing aboard the lugger ‘Grayhound’, and is often spotted sailing her little wooden yacht around the Cornish coastline. She has also sailed extensively aboard Eda with us all, and so is thoroughly acquainted with, and fond of the old lady too.

She fits all this in around her day job at the Penryn campus of the University of Exeter, where she is a Research Assistant, working with PHD students on climate change projects.


From time to time there will be relief crew aboard. Any crew who sail on our boat are known personally to us, so are knowledgeable, excellent company and of course fully trained and qualified.