The end of Summer 2016

endofseasonSummer 2016 has come to an end, and what a cracker it has been!

Thank you to our guests, familiar faces and new, for making it so, and to the Scottish weather for being so kind to us
Also to everyone in Cornwall and Mallaig, boat yards, food suppliers, pubs, friends and family alike, for helping to keep Eda (and us) chugging happily along – i think we are rather lucky to have you all.

Lastly, to my shipmates-
Ruth, for being a tirelessly brilliant paperwork and emails organiser, forever keeping us all in check.
Gabriel, the most unwaveringly chirpy and helpful first mate to sail the seas.
And James, without whom none of this would happen, there’s no one else id rather spend the summer sailing with.

What better way to summise our brilliant season than with a round up of my favourite cold hard statistics about summer 2016? :

Tea bags brewed: 3,500
Pasties baked: 264
Miles covered: 4,964
Unique anchorages visited: 70
(Of which were new to us: 10)
Kilos of calor gas gobbled by oven: 260
Songs written about Eda: 1 (thanks Benny)
Galley items Gabe has broken/dropped over the side: 8 (R.I.P favourite pan)
Cheese jokes added to James’ repertoire: no one needs to know

And so Eda is in her winter home, and the real hard work now begins! The boys are performing a spot of open heart surgery on the old gal (photos of new engine to come), I’ve replaced my wooden spoons with a sander, and our tea consumption has plateaued at the pleasing refit level of one cup every half an hour. Happy crew.

See you all next year,